Hemp Food Processing

Cold pressed

We provide cold pressing services to press hemp seeds into hemp seed oil.


We provide dehulling services to turn whole seeds into raw hulled hemp seeds – also known as hemp hearts.


We provide milling and sifting services for hemp protein powder. Protein potency options range from 32% to 60%.


Extraction Services

Extraction from Flower

Extraction via cold temperature ethanol turns hemp biomass into a full spectrum raw extract.


Distillation increases cannabinoid potency percentages while removing some chlorophyll and plant waxes.

Cannabinoid Isolate

Cannabiniods are isolated to 99%+ potency. We offer isolation services for a variety of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, CBG, and more.

Private Label

We offer a variety of private label products and services. Please contact us to hear about our program.


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